Media plays an important role in today’s life. It provides data and information about all over the world. It is the main source of providing information and entertainment which are television, internet, newspapers, radio etc.

There are two types of media. The first one is electronic media like T.V, internet, radio and the second one is print media which includes newspapers, magazines and books.

Media can be used for various purposes like education, latest news, current affairs and entertainment. Today media is one the necessary parts of education. Without media it is difficult for students to get education. Media helps them in field of education which provides computers, labs, books and libraries.

Besides this, it gives awareness about current situations of the world. It informs about the latest happenings around the world like weather, war, health, science, fashion, music and many more.

Moreover, Media has made the world a global village. It can also be used for the entertainment. With the help of media masses can fresh their minds by going to cinemas, watching TV and  reading magazines.

It is very necessary part of any society since it has the power to educate the citizens of any nation. It is must for everyone to use media for the sake of getting something special and take benefits from it.

Alijan Dilwash


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