Having a glance over the history of the world, we will find several tribes which are known by their angelic and exquisite customs, fashion and behavior.

Every nation has its own culture, language, laws, mode of worship, history and philosophy. And every culture has its living ideas as well as it has its own meaningful names. Different cultures have their different sorts of names whether that of people or things etc…

Baloch nation also has its own meaningful and beautiful names which can catch anyone’s attention. Traditionally, it takes a few days to keep a name to a baby after the birth. Mostly baby is given a name on the sixth or seventh day.

Mostly a child is given his/her forefather’s name that has passed away. However, that child is also given an alternative name because the child, by that name would receive rebukes, as this is considered an insult to the forefather’s name.

The names like, Wajo, Banuk, Bibi, Waja, Baba, etc are rendered to Baloch children. Giving nicknames (Nemnam) is a kind of vogue in Baloch nation for example, Gwahru for Gwahram, Haibuk, for Haibtan, Duru for Durain, Nazoo for Nazaatoon, Shambo for Shambay etc. To show respect to elders, Baloch use some unique words before or after the name of elders for example, Waja, Mir, (For Male) Bibi and Banuk (For Female). Baloch have taken their names from the names of animals, trees, plants, colors, and those of days.

Let’s have a glance over some beautiful Balochi names and their meanings:

*Balochi name Pullen means (Flowery)
*Balochi name Chegird means  (Acacia Arabica )
*Balochi name Gwani means  (Pistachio)
*Balochi name Gusho means (Long-eared)
*Balochi name Bahad means (Arm)
*Balochi name Kambar means (Black and White)
*Balochi name Siaho means (Blackish)
*Balochi name Mazaar means (Tiger)
*Balochi name Bijjar means (Help)
*Balochi name Balach means (Big fire)
*Balochi name Keghad means (Beautiful)
*Balochi name Granaz means (Civilized)
*Balochi name GulBibi means (Queen of Flowers)
*Balochi name Shari means (Righteousness)
*Balochi name Tilu or Tila means (Gold)
*Balochi name Sangeen means (Extremely Reasonable)
*Balochi name Banadi means (Lady)
*Balochi name Maho means (Like Moon)
*Balochi name Murad means (Wish)
*Balochi name Gwahram means (clay)
*Balochi name Sohrab means (Gold Water)
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