In spite of being the World’s first Balochi Tv News Channel, Vsh TV is, unfortunately, suffering from unidentified sources of threats perpetually over the past several years.
Recently, so-called armed people with heavy weapons penetrated to the Vsh News head office and held guns on co-director Owais Iqbal Baloch and uttered death threats, as well as, passed abusive and nasty comments on female and other staff members in Sharah-e-Faisal, Karachi.
These callous attacks are highly unacceptable, condemn-able and lamentable because they hinder the freedom of expression not only for media, but also of Baloch nation.
Thus, the government needs to take strict step to arrest the culprits behind such heinous acts and award them severe punishment in order to provide adequate protection to the media persons.
Mannan Samad
Turbat, Balochistan
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