A central spokesperson for Baloch Students Action Committee (BSAC), in a statement to the media, called to begin the New Year by organizing a three-day book stall across Balochistan under the shadow of “Balochistan Kitab Karwan”. In the 3-day stall, apart from bringing political consciousness, all the books, providing insights to the new generation about the history, would be available. Societal development everywhere depends on the youth. When youth are equipped politically and educationally, they will take the road to societal changes, the statement reads.

The organization believes that one among many ways to political consciousness is close interaction with the books. On one hand, where freedom to expression is among several bans in the institutions of Balochistan, on the other, the organization has kept the pace of promoting book-reading and library-building culture under the given program.

The spokesperson said that the New Year starts differently in developed countries of the world comparatively from theirs. It is because they had already faced the historical processes to reach where they are, while Baloch, as a nation, are yet to journey miles. But what combines the developed nations is their common political consciousness and critical observations. “Book reading culture refines the two,” says the spokesperson, “which includes social, political, economic and scientific knowledge through books.”

The organization, like every year, while owing to spread the candle of knowledge in every nook and corner of Balochistan, would keep the light on of the “Balochistan Kitab Karwan”. Apart from this, the committee has been regularly publishing the “Navisht” and “Gaam” magazines to politicize the Baloch youth, while “Baloch Literacy Campaign” is underway to highlight major drawbacks in the region’s educational system and push the authorities to improve it. “A researched booklet on Literacy Campaign of Baloch regions has also been published where the educational loopholes were marked,” says the spokesperson.

At the end of his statement, the spokesperson said that all the zones of the organization were asked to start the New Year with a 3-day book stall under the banner of “Balochistan Kitab Karwan”. They urged the masses, specifically the students, teachers, intellectuals, political and social persons, to visit the book stalls and help in promoting the noble cause of promoting the book culture.

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