Education is the most fundamental right of an individual for which Islam has acknowledged that, “it is momentous for everyone to get education and to demonstrate the learnt knowledge.”
But regrettably,  Balochistan is revealing worse image in education sector. The cause of deprivation is due to shortage of education institutes, lack of teachers and lack of interest. There is only 5% education institutes in Balochistan and 963 schools out of 13,000 are not functional.

Moreover, there are many primary schools in Balochistan which are being run only by a single teacher and the girls’ education is totally destroyed as a very limited number of students are enrolled in educational institutions.

Furthermore, rural areas of Balochistan are neglected by government as 44% children between the ages of 5 to 16 are still out of school which shows the negligence of government towards education.

Additionally, education Sector gets merely 2 to 3% of GDP which is not enough for promoting and giving quality education to the students and even this amount is spent on education properly, it can also make the system better as currently the education system is the worst.

Now here the question arises where is this amount of money has been invested? Every sector has been victimized by corruption which even did not leave the prestigious educational phenomena.

The education institutes are victimized by Ghost teachers. Ghost teachers are the big hurdles in front of the promotion of education. It snatched every right of individuals. The people have been made deprived of every basic rights including education.

When you deny the right of getting education to the people then they will surely adopt other harsh means to express their disappointment.

Mahnoor Bashir

Lasbela, Balochistan

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