Books play a pivotal role in human’s life. They become friends when you seek comfort, they become assistants when your heart needs firmness and mind-space. They too can become the world when you are lost inside. The puzzle tackles the mind of how do we surrender in the love of books. Imperatively, this is because of the writers who, from years, are developing their enchanted wisdom on the way to the nurturing souls of human beings.

This time once again I came up with a pleasant book of my favorite author, Napoleon Hill. It goes “Success Habits: proven principles for Greater Wealth, Health and Happiness”.

This book is transcripted from a series of Radio talks in Paris in 1950s. This is much awe_inspiring like author’s previous best selling book “Think and Grow Rich”.

The first thing the writer comprehends is about definiteness of purpose. It is the very first step in resolving all the lurch paths and obstacles on the way for a better life. It demands only perfection_ the perfection of your time, relaxation, work and accurate strategy.

Well, for escaping out from the blunders and ever grieving melancholy, it requires accurate plans and creative thinking. The terms necessitate no degree or special course; it solely possesses to how you judge yourself and boost up the meticulous capabilities.

Interestingly, this treasure is just a stone’s throw between master mind and the intricated heart. Ask yourself a thousand times to magnify your mentality that if something is wrong then what is its solution; if something is right then how is that right?

When you finally get satisfied by the ever-longing life thesis, it confers the testimony of your “Win”.

No matter what people utter on and off scenes and where will the situations take you tackle, as long as you believe on yourself and the persistency on the target maintains, your burning desire will not get cold.

Moving onward, Applied Faith is something self-nourishment and proves to be the key to symbolic states of mind. Faith owns the weird but finest role in controlling the decentralized mind. It is Indeed a sheer full stop to the fiasco of mind and portraits the success that whatever the mind conceives it can probably achieve.

The inventor of Light bulb, sir Thomas A. Edison, failed thousand times on the project of Light bulb and now how better come his eye-catching success the whole world appreciates. This is how he applied faith over that.

There are some major causes of failure. Some of them are as follows:

1st, Drifting:
The quick solution to this problem is to set a goal, make up an arranged time table and keep putting efforts till the target is achieved.

2nd, Meddlesome curiosity:
You have a life to live and make all the most of it. Do not spoil the beautiful journey by interfering in other’s affairs. Know how to lead something best for you not seeking what is bad in people. The most inspiring impression overall is to acknowledge to learn appreciating someone.

3rd, Lack of self discipline, excess eating, sex etc:
It is extremely hard to stop oneself for something that appearingly amuses and overwhelm the emerging desires but in reality, the same disgusting desires hit both physically and mentally with everlasting blemishes. We must take care of each and everything that escalates the bad into worst.

Overall, it was a good read. The book gives us food for thoughts to live our life more happily with the positive approach of everything and everyone. Do have a read and get to know different tactics of living your life.

The writer is a Karachi-based freelancer. He has a keen interest in writing on socio-political issues and a major area of human rights and ethics.

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