Provisional director of malaria control program revealed that more than 7,000 children in Balochistan are affected with this disease annually.
 He added that up to 1.6  million people in Pakistan are effected by Malaria  and many deaths have also occurred due to this crippling disease. Two cases of malaria have been reported within six months.
And according to doctors there has been an alarming increase in malarial cases. In 2016 more than 53,000 cases were reported in Balochistan upto 7,000 cases in 2017.
The diseased has spread to more than 34 districts of Balochistan and a rise of 7 percent  in malarial cases have been reported.
The health departments and concerned authorities are requested to take serious action to tackle this disease before it snatches many more precious lives.
Maham Yaseen
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