Fisheries in Balochistan remained an ignored sector of its potential economy for the past six decades or more; surprisingly, the illegal fishing is directly affecting fishermen in Balochistan, and the attempt is endangering the amplification of fish. According to a recent report of 2017, around 8000 fishing trawlers and vessels from Sindh are operating on the Mekran Coast without any legal authority.

The huge trawlers are involved in completely wiping out the entire marine line by sweeping the fishing grounds all along the Mekran Coast. According to some sources, each fishing vessel is paying at least Rs 50,000 to the concerned officials for permission to loot and plunder the sea wealth of Balochistan.

The Balochistan Government should protect the basic interests of the fishermen of Mekran and stop poaching by the trawlers from Sindh and also fishing vessels of foreign countries operating close to the Coast. There is a dire need for complete ban and impounding of trawlers and bigger fishing vessels if found fishing in shallow waters close to the Baloch Coast.

The Government should defend the rights of the fishermen first, bar the big fishing vehicles, mainly trawlers from sweeping the fishing grounds and destroying the marine life completely.

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