Sohbat Pur is a district of Balochistan.  It used to be a backward area and the people of it were not aware of education. The literacy rate of the district was very less as most of the children and youth were out of schools and reforms sohbat pur district balochistan

With  the  efforts of great teachers, now many students from Sohbat Pur are studying in the various institutes of the country and that has helped in rising the literacy rate of the area.

Many of youths from Sohbat Pur have secured officer level designations in various departments. The district has many private institutes and they are successfully providing quality education as compared to the governmental institutes.

Due to lack of proper management, governmental institutions have completely failed to provide quality education.

Thus, the management should take care of these issues because they belong to us.


Zain Khosa

Sohbat Pur, Balochistan

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