The clandestine spread of corruption has made it difficult for the students to accomplish their dreams.scarcity education balochistan

Students of Balochistan have been very hapless being born in Balochistan as they are made deprived of the early education.

Sadly saying, the education system in Balochistan has been completely demolished in most of rural areas. The education privations in these areas has compelled the students to visit the facilitated areas of Pakistan, such as Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore for higher studies. In such big cities, they have to face not only the expenses of education, but also of living.

Beyond these hardships, the talented students of Balochistan survived in these sleepless nights giving their best.

The dearth of quality education steeped the students in gratuitous activities.

As we are known to the fact, the prosperity of a nation lies under a well-established and prompted education system.

Unfortunately, the students of Balochistan are left far away from the reach of such educational awareness.

Due to this unawareness, the people from nonurban areas are bound to have their dreams dug in a corner of their hearts paved with the burden of their lives.

Moreover, in Balochistan the schools and colleges are being destroyed and there is also lack of lecturers, teachers, professors, even most of the schools are left with no pillars and walls. The little children have to stay under the bare sun with a hard piece of carpet, without any complain.

Have you ever thought who is to be made responsible for the backwardness of education in Balochistan?

To me negligence of the government is the root cause of the typical growing problems, faced by the innocent students of Balochistan.


Sangeen Baloch

Law College Quetta

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