Affection is the name of love, positive feelings, and fascination. The purpose of passing life is to bring up affection and to provide affection to humanity. Because love forces an individual to assist needy individuals and to keep sympathizes over people who are ignored.

real worth humanity lies affection

Love is the source of bringing up comfort and calm in life. In this World, we can observe lots of individuals who ignore the worth of affection and think that there is no concept of peace and calm in their lives due to lack of affection they are victim of conflict.

Affection tells how to live a purposeful life and how to avoid the abhor from life. However, if there will be true affection in a society then there will be peace and everyone will be free from gloominess.

Affection is such a thing which can undo the all abhors of society and overcome negativeness and assists you to maintain the excitement. Love never lets you be the victim of despair and it demonstrates you the correct path of life.

Hence, affection brings up self-esteem and tells us the real worth of humanity and it is the real soul of life.

Mehroz Rahmat

Kech Turbat

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