It is saddening to mention that the port city Gwadar is suffering from so many issues, but the mammoth matter is that the city lacks water and the people are compelled to migrate to the other parts of the country as the people even do not get clean water for drinking.

I am confused that if the government wants to supply water than why it is unable to fulfill the demand of citizens and if the government continues the same attitude, the people of Gwadar may become compelled to wage a disastrous protest against the government which may create anarchy in the city.

Wherever the government authorities find their own interests, they go through all the hardships and solve the issues in no time, but when it comes to common people, they turn a blind eye and do not bother to take steps for the solutions of the problems.

Thus, I humbly request the authorities to put an end to the long standing issue of water crisis in Gwadar.


Granaz Abdul Baqi


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