University of Turbat (UOT) is an extra-ordinary institute in Mekran Division which brought a genuine change in the lives of every student in Turbat city by providing standard education, but the curse of matter which puts the new generation in grave repercussion is lack of departments in UOT.

As the C.M of Balochistan Sardar Sanaullah Zehri enforced on 7th of May, 2017 that the classes of B.A and should be closed and every student of Balochistan should take admission in universities for B.S programs.

Furthermore, it is well vivid to all of us that for pauper parents it is very much arduous to endure the tribulation, transportation and the biggest hurdle can’t afford the fee to send their children to expensive universities of other cities of Pakistan, such as, Quetta, Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and many more.

To sum up, I just want to plead the C.M of Balochistan to take pragmatic and expeditious steps to launch the departments as soon as possible. Specially, the departments of Philosophy and Psychology so that the students must not get nonplussed, and should not face any setbacks and should get higher education in their fields.

Zar Jan Niaz

Turbat Kech, Baloch Center


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