True, the worldly affairs never last long, whether these are about life itself or culture and civilization, will have to vanish one day. Among these events, only a brief number can survive which the world remembers in the annals of history with Golden words. Certain characters are immortal and the similar case is with Kiyya and Sadu’s love story. They confronted unique circumstances to maintain their love. Baloch history would never be complete if the love story of Kiyya and Sadu was not included in it.

Kiyya was born in Dashtyari and had a lofty wealth containing goats and sheep. As the region of Makuran was mountainous, there was scarcity of grasslands from which food and water could be obtained. Therefore, Kiyya traveled to many places with his flocks of goats and sheep. Once, a drought in Dashtyari put the people in great trouble, which forced Kiyya to move to Kulanch. One day, Kiyya was walking near some rocks that he saw Sadu coming towards him. Both fell in love at very first sight. Kiyya went to her father wishing to marry her and demanded ten days to complete the marriage arrangements.


Unfortunately, Kiyya couldn’t fulfill the promise and failed to return for one and a half years. Sadu and her parents daily waiting around came to an end with disappointment and they planned to engage Sadu with somebody else.  The news spread like a wildfire and the colleagues of Kiyya apprised him of Sadu’s expected marriage. Too much worried with shattered dreams, Kiyya gathered his all wealth at his disposal and set off for Kulanch the exact day.

Before he entered the village, he heard the loud voice of beating drums and delighted songs of the neighborhood. He secretly planned to send an informer to Sadu; on the other hand, she was willing to marry Kiyya. On the very night of marriage, Kiyya, accompanying Sadu, eloped to an unknown place where both married to begin a new life.
Sadu’s parents heard the sad news, but they were unable to take any action as Kiyya was already her fiancé.

Sadu was an eye sore to her sister-in-law (Kiyya’s sister Hajir) who always used scornful words against Sadu. Finally, when she crossed all limits of tolerance then Sadu asked her brother Meer Kaleer to kidnap her sister-in-law to teach her a lesson; however, Meer Kaleer rejected the idea.

He said with much concern, “I am sure if I kidnap your sister-in-law, with whatever speeds I travel, Shelling (Kiyya’s camel) will catch me for it is the fastest animal in the town.” Sadu advised her brother to send a shepherd. He kept the advice in his mind and shepherd went to Sadu’s home to meet her. Sadu was sharp-minded woman who persuaded the shepherd to bring up one of the Shellings’ children after giving a lofty amount of money. Sadu believed that Shelling’s own child could only be strong enough to defeat it.

Waiting for the growth of camel, Sadu, one day, conveyed a message to her brother Meer Kaleer to bring back the camel from the shepherd. Meer Kaleer went to visit the stable and couldn’t identify the child of Shellings as all animals had mixed up.

At the beginning nobody could understand what to be done; however, Sadu got the idea to gather all animals and face them to have a long race. Meer Kaleer did the same and, eventually, identified the fastest running camel as the child of Shelling.
Sadu knew full well that the matter was very serious and not easy to kidnap Hajir. For the very reason, she adored Hajir and their friendship got stronger with the passage of time. Meer Kaleer, one day, came to the down secretly met his sister where they plotted to kidnap Hajir. According to plan, Meer Kaleer jumped in the house at night and by hiding the sight of people, he took Hajir towards suburb of the town.

Once by making herself satisfied that Hajir was taken far away, Sadu rushed to Kiyya telling him the sudden disappearance of his sister. Kiyya replied with dejecting voice that he could do nothing until the dismal night came to an end.

The next day very early in the morning, Kiyya took his Shelling and began the hard journey of search but from dawn to dusk, he found nothing. He jumped from his camel with disappointment and measured the footprints of the camel on which his sister was abducted. He compared the footprints with his own camel and found those footprints larger, understanding that he could never chase them. Tired and depressed, he returned home where he was informed about the true story by Sadu.

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