By child, I mean the ones below 14 or 15 years old and labourers are those persons who are working, especially physically.

In Balochistan more than 33 percent children are working in many places such as shops, restaurants, garages, and hotels rather than reading or getting knowledge from any educational institution.

The children at the age of 10 to 14 years should have been in the educational institutions with pens and books, but unfortunately, they have been sent to garages and hotels for earning money so that they can feed their families.

Furthermore, it is rampant since governmental educational institutions are found without teachers, buildings, desks and other fundamental requirements.

On the other hand the fees of matriculation, intermediate and BA are increased after every year.

Due to increase in the fees, the students become compelled to discontinue their education as  well as the parents find no other option, but send their children for working as they are not able to bear the expenses of education.

Therefore, l would like to request the government to the help anti-child labour organizations for the protection of children and the government of Balochistan has to come forward to save the future of children.

Akmal Saleem Baloch

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