When you are thinking, you are creating. Every thought is a creation. Since the primeval era, God has been introduced as a monster, a demon and a devil making us afraid of Him. Each time certain natural activities like lightning and thunderstorms were declared to be wars and fighting of God, manifesting a merciless God. This bad side of God has always been unfathomable, creating a phobia of a demon.
But gradually, these inaccurate myths hated when mankind experienced the denied blessings of God. It happened when God became explicit and showed His mercy upon us by providing us delicious fruits and vegetables. As per this, many understood the generous nature of God, but yet it became elusive for some of us to recognize, demand and fear.
I was also affected by such meaningless myths. But not until I was recommended to read an enthralling book of an American author and songwriter Neale Donald Walsh who has written mesmerizing books, including ‘Friendship with God’ – an uncommon dialogue.
‘Friendship with God’ was published in 1991, consisting of 437 pages – a book where the amiable nature of God was manifested broadly. The captivating book has helped me finding the true and friendly nature of God, which is beyond expectations. While reading this book, each word made me repent the image I had created about God in my mind.
‘Friendship with God’ created a facile way to embrace God and to believe that everything that I have ever asked for is already been answered and in the journey of life, neither I was nor will I ever be alone. Because He is always existing within me, and encouraging and supporting me.
Additionally, the myths that created a bad image about God were merely a thought. The fact is: “When you are thinking, you are creating: every thought is a creation.” And my thoughts created my experiences about God, which were all negative, till I got to know that we were the part of the same soul.
It was an adorable experience to feel the presence of God and it taught me to admire and thank God, because I feel that all things in life have already come to you. As beautifully quoted, “Gratitude is the fastest form of healing.”
Moreover, this fascinating book made me realize that through my actions and choices, I was not only representing who I was, but also God because God and I were one. Therefore, today I have learned to be grateful for the blessings I have.
Besides that, I have been able to maintain a strong belief and trust on Allah, that He guides me for the best, holding my hand and taking me towards the dawn of a beautiful morning. All true benefits are mutual, thus the changes, I have observed in me, are worth sharing.
Therefore, I would like to recommend this book to those who are interested to have a positive relationship with God. As this book will help them feel the everlasting presence of God.
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