‘Animal Farm’ is allegory of Russian revolution and tells that how history of revolution went wrong. The tale narrates that when and how after such resistance and efforts, animals overcame their slavery and revolted the animal in absolute power. It tells us how the cleverer animal misused power against other animals in down position.
Firstly, the tale tells that the slavery and misery have become a part of life of animals and that they are suffering and being ruled by a cruel master. So, an old major, a revolutionary leader of animal farm and a wise pig, calls animals altogether and shares his general philosophy. The old major inspires him through his thoughts of rebellion.
He yells, “Comrade! Rebellion can only end our misery and, most importantly, of being slave.” He calls his comrades rebels against every act of cruelty, injustice and mainly slavery as it is the root cause of all problems. And that we can only live a peaceful and free life when we are free from external influence. For attaining freedom and victory, you must get united and perfect comradeship in the struggle.
After the worst structure of their life under another powerful animal, the other animals resisted and fought for victory. Eventually, all their efforts made them successful and rendered them victory. Animals rebelled and brought revolution that went wrong and power went in the hands of wrong animals – the pigs with higher intelligence took farm in their hand. Napoleon, a pig tyrannical president of animal form, turns into dictatorship. The old major told seven commandment for a better future of animal farm and to spread the message of revolution to all other farms, but the wrong leadership leads to nowhere. In fact, it leads to a more miserable life.
Napoleon in power omits all commandment, but one remains: “All animals are equal but some are more equal them others.”
Similarly, a dictator with absolute power can only implement cruelty and oppression on his oppressed nation. And under Napoleon’s dictatorship, it  effectively manipulates all animals by all means and aspects. As a dictator,  Napoleon neglects the rights of animals and controls the animals through propagandas, spies and by force.
Overall, the book shows how absolute power can be manipulated in a set up as such. It also helps us the concept of rule and equality. As it says beautifully, “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”
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