Real Love is the best thing ever. It is the food of mind. I have been reading several books but the book “Mehr ey Hosham” (which is translated into English under the name of “A Craving For Love” by Amjid Bojair) is one of the gorgeous books I have ever read. The writer, Ghani Parwaz, narrates the story in such a way that the heart does not want to leave the book till end. So, this is a love story of a Baloch couple, Asadullah and Shahida.

Shahida always used to come and spend her time near the beach of Gowadar, as she lived there. One day when she was sitting near the beach and her feet were inside the water, a man namely Asadullah came and sat close to her. They introduced each other as well shared their experiences. After knowing each other’s background, they came to know that Shahida’s father (Master Murad Muhammad) was Asadullah’s teacher once. Shahida was an S.S.T teacher and Asadullah a fisherman.

The days were passing nicely and they always met near the beach and Asadullah felt in love with her. Unfortunately, he had a wife along with six children. After trying a lot, he asked her if she had married. And the answer was in negation. He felt glad. He asked her if she would marry him. She replied that she saw him as a best friend and not a lover.

One day, he decided that if she did not marry him, he would kill himself. However, she was confused. After thinking deeply, she affirmed to marry him because she did not want him to commit suicide due to her.

They were engaged and after some days they married. They were living a happy life, but Asadullah decided to kill himself for the purpose of being remembered by the people as lovers forever: as Laila and Majnoo, Sassi and Punno and many more. He did the same act by going on mountain and jumping from there.

The dead body of his was brought at home. When her newly-wed wife, Shahida saw her husband’s dead body, she cried. Her best friend Sadia reached as she saw a paper in his pocket. Sadia took it out and read it. He mentioned, “I know I did really wrong as leaving you alone, but what could I do? I needed people should not say bad about us, as they must see our marriage as a peaceful love.” Listening to the words of the paper Sadia read, made Shahida cry more but she felt in a deep sea where he went. A Carving for Love. His real love affected her who also remains in a craving for love.

Spending some days with interesting books is not less than being in paradise, and the novels of your own people in your own mother language and laying on the soil of Balochistan makes it worth. Although the story was fantastic, one thing that I felt should have not been was suicide. The recent wave of suicide is a result of ultimately many such stories that begin from movies and books. Only if he had made a beautiful atmosphere for his wives, book would have enhanced its worth.

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