Karachi is known as a metropolitan city. It is the largest city in Pakistan with a population of more than fifteen million. It is home to many beautiful places such as beaches, historical places, and skyscrapers. Karachi has several towns and villages and one of them is Gadap.

Gadap town is situated in the northwestern part of Karachi in the neighborhood of district Malir Karachi. It is extremely beautiful, surrounded by all the beaus and hues of nature. It is fascinating with the greeneries and lakes, Dams, rivers, and jungles. most of the population is engaged in farming and that is the only source of their livelihood. Unfortunately, It lacks basic facilities such as Education, Electricity, Gas, health facilities transportation, and many more.

A few days ago, I visited Gadap and its nearby places. The people were facing several problems. The locals complained about the unavailability of Educational facilities, gas, and electricity and the dilemma they are facing after Bahria Town. Also Due to the unavailability of gas, the locals were forced to chop down the trees to meet the needs of the kitchen, and some were using gas cylinders and were using solar panels to get electricity.

The only thing that separates Gadap and Bahria town is a river. They are few schools and a government degree college Gadap which offers 14th years of Education and B.A bachelor’s in arts and a BSc bachelor’s in science. However, the exams take place in Lyari, Karachi in Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University Lyari, BBSUL. According to the students of Gadap, due to the unavailability of public transportation, they had to give around 5k to 6k per day fair for private transport and it also took them hours to reach there.

Young students girls and boys, who with very hurdles complete their 14th year of Education and aspire to study in universities in their interested fields but end up disappointed and never make it to universities as there are no universities nearby and no public transportation.

Most of the population in Gadap earns their living by farming, but sadly, soon their land turned barren, the forests were cut down for Bahria towns facilitations and due to the shortage of water all their water from their town was taken to Bahria Town and in return, they met with garbage wastes and sewerage of Bahria town.
Those who were owners of their land had lost their lands to land mafias and all of a sudden were compelled to go to Bahria town for earning their two times meal where they now work as watchmen, sweepers, and security guards.

Though before this year’s monsoon rain season, people had built their dams to store their water, now all their routes to access water are closed and routed to Bahria town and now the garbages and wastage of Bahria town flows through their homes, and only “Tado River” remains for the locals’ people as a source of fresh water.

Lastly, due to recent rain, most of the areas were flooded, kitchens were filled with water, and people were deprived of food, but in those areas which were not flooded, their people arranged edible foods and other necessary items. Al Kidmat foundation provided them with rations and BYC Karachi aided them with clothes and beds and kitchen items. Therefore, it is a humble request to the government to take some decisive action to solve the problems of Gadap.

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