Bahria town is not a state but playing the role of an apartheid state within the boundaries of a state.

Bahria Town Karachi and Israel’s Govt policies are same to each other. Israel occupied the land of Palestinians, built a great wall all around of it and the living souls inside the boundaries are deprived of Every basic need of human beings to survive.

From centuries Baloch and Sindhis are living in Malir, Gaddap, and Kathore. Now Bahria is imposing the same policies as Israel did to Palestine, a wall have been built all around it, Deprived from water, roads and endeavoring to seize the remaining lands of the natives for exploitation.

Bahria Town Karachi is a 23,300-acre housing schemes, have been structuralize for the elite class being built in the Areas of Ghadap and Kathore of District Malir, Karachi and Town is extending its boundaries till Jamshoro . BKT is entirely deferential from Karachi, a dream world with every kind of necessity Available for few and majority of Karachi deprived form these basic necessities.

Bahria Town Karachi actual plan was to seize forty-three thousand acres of land but the indigenous people of Gadap and kathore resisted against it. Because of resistance BTK did not succeeded to capture all the 43 thousand acres but 23 thousand acre.

All the state institutions supported Malik Riaz to Seize Twenty three thousand acre Land. Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government with Sindh police Helped them for occupation of Sindhi’s and Baloch land. Rao Anwar who is responsible for fake encounter of Najeeb Mehsud and 444 men, is a main supporter of Riaz malik in accruing land in Gadap and Kathore, as SSP of malir, he forced people to leave their land and used his authorities to Jailed and tortured the local people and he also used the tactic of fake encounter to pressurize the people to surrender their land.

Natives of Gadap and Kathore are resisting against the Seizure of their Land and Chacha Faiz Muhammad Gabol was the face of Resistance Against BTK. Chacha Faiz was the First who resisted and refuse selling his soil and stand firm to the oppressors. Chacha Faiz was accused, tortured, his family members have been jailed but he didn’t fear to step back.

When they failed to break the Resistance of Chacha faiz, Owner of Bahria Town Karachi Riaz malik himself went to the house of Chacha Faiz to purchase his lands in return offered him a blank check, Faiz Muhamad asked Malik Riaz could he sell his mother just for money? Land is believed as a mother and mother couldn’t be sold.

Malik Riaz with the help of state machinery is powerful and By force have seized the Agricultural land of chacha Faiz and now with the heavy Machinery Destroying chacha’s Village land and forcing Natives people to migrate from their centuries old Goths.

Till Chacha Faiz was Alive He Resisted to Save his Land and Now Chacha Faiz sons are standing in front of exploiters to Save their ancestors land.

The Resistance of Natives saved some Goths rinside the Bahria Town’s territory. BTK have rose side wall to block their acces to outer word, their ways are blocked, Denying them to Acces Water, their agricultural land have been bulldozed, their farms land have been destroyed, for them no way have been left to survive in Bahria Town cage. The reason of all these attempts are to forced people to leave their forefathers Land.

BTK using all means to break the resistance of Indigenous people of the Area. Fake allegations, Threat to their livelihoods, Forced Eviction and Threat to their lives who stand against Bahria Town.

Bahria Town Karachi is expanding its reach and more lands are being seized with the help of courts, police, revenue Department, Malir development authorities and political parties. BTK Regularized by Pakistan Supreme Court.

Baloch and Sandhi’s living in these area from centuries and the areas are centuries old trade routes between sindh and Balochistan. The Caravan used the routes to trade between Sindh and Afghanistan. Hundreds Year old Archeological sites
And chowkandi graveyard are Discovered in Gadap and Kathore but Bahria Town Karachi destroying the sites inside of BTK and Some chowkandi graveyards have been demolished.

Archeological sites, Ancient Heritage, Historical sites, Agricultural land of indigenous people, habitant of Animals and historical routes of Riverine are being destroyed by Bahria Town Karachi.

To Stop the Forced Eviction of Indigenous people and to Save their ancestors land. A people Resistance Against Bahria Town Karachi is Need of Time.

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Kambar Baloch studies International Relations in University of Balochistan. He has keen interest in national and international politics. He frequently writes about national, international and educational issues.