Yuval Noah Harari’s “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” is a wonderfully crafted book on human history. It is a great book written by a thinker of the present world which introduces the humans with the roots of their history. A historian and philosopher, Yuval Noah Harari teaches at Hebrew University Jerusalem. This book explores the history of mankind apes to the rulers of planet.

Harari tells his readers that the humans have come across long ways and dangerous journeys. He says that there were six types of Sapiens living in the African jungle. But today, only homo-Sapiens rule on planet earth and the rest have disappeared with time. According to Harari, humans have gone through three revolutions; the cognitive revolution, the agriculture revolution and the scientific revolution. When man was a mere hunter, he did not have a big mind and could not make things up. But due to the cognitive revolution, he had an enlarged mind and could function in a far better way. But still, they could not get enough food which came with agricultural revolution that gave way to classes and empires. The author then comes to the scientific revolution which made the life of a man luxurious. All the three revolutions changed the humans from their past form to what they are in the present, and it may change in the time to come as well.

Hence, this book is interesting and informative and is written on a wonderful subject which is the human history. This book is important because we are all human beings and therefore we need to have an idea of the appearance of the humans from the very beginning to what they have become in the present. This is a pure research work which satisfies its readers about all the aspects of the human history that Harari has mentioned. I think everybody should know the history of mankind which is why everyone should read this book.

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