Balochistan, in terms of land, is around the top position in the country and commonly known as the largest province of Pakistan by occupying total 44% of state’s territory. The living communities of Balochistan include a large number of Baloch people who have very old historical stories and memories. In fact, the Baloch people are spread in different countries of the world such as Iran, Oman, Bahrain, Afghanistan and in Pakistan where they make a very huge population.

If we have a glance on the people of Balochistan, including the Baloch people, they are too neglected by our so-called politicians in so many regards such as education, health sector and etc. Even, the education and health sectors are major requirements of an individual in today’s era that the government has to distribute equally to every citizen; the constitution of the state seconds it.

Additionally, the constitution of 1973 (Article 25) in Pakistan talks on equal rights for every citizen, but after it was made, there was no any implemention of this article. Since, the education is known the top priority right of all citizens in Pakistan, but yet a huge number of children have to be enrolled in the school in Balochistan. Balochistan, despite being the largest province of Pakistan, yet own around 60 to 70 percent of children in the primary and secondary age group who are reported to be out of school and the number of girls is more as compare to boys.

The other three provinces of Pakistan (Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwaa and Punjab), in regards of all education and heath sectors, are very developed as compare to Balochistan. Truly, the bleak condition of the province of Balochistan seems as if the government is intentionally putting ignorance on the province.

Apart from these all, the poverty is highly roaming in Balochistan. The crisis of unemployment is getting worst everyday, the self-businesses of Baloch people are not entertained by our government and many more. The Baloch students are being ignored too while providing scholarships, jobs to graduated students and etc. On the other hand, today’s government intentionally tries to create impediments on tracks of Baloch people.

The beautiful land of Balochistan is extensively blessed with a lot of natural resources which are putting economic progress on the economy sector of Pakistan. One wonders that the province of Balochistan is highly blessed with natural resources, yet it has been deprived of all fundamental rights!

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