The book “The Dumb girl” is authored by a Baloch novelist Aslam Shah, published in 2020. The author describes a woman with her collection that how vital a role a woman plays in a society. Women represent half of the society and share with men the burdens of building the society. But unluckily, most of them are in chains to even get an education.

The book starts with a couple named Ayesha and Hammal. They were the prince and princess of the princely states Kech and Bampoor. After ten days of their marriage, a big battle among the people of Kech and Bampoor broke out. On the other hand, Ayesha and Hammal left their princely states and moved to another place to lead a simple life.

After three years of the death of Hammal, the twin daughters Ayesha got another daughter named Malahar along with Mahoo. They came in Turbat for the purpose of education. So they took admission in Kech Grammar High School Turbat. They made it from first grade to 10th. It was time for their college, but sadly, the people of the town got the news that the girls had gone out of their house and were gaining worldly education instead of religious education. The situation turned out very bloody for the girls and a lot of them were killed and many girls left their studies.

Later on, they wanted to search for Malahar and her companions to kill them for they were the master minds of “destroying the lives of girls”. They searched them in every corner of the city but Sir Dilmurad had already sent them to Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. After few years, Malahar’s sister got dismissed and came back to her village. In few moths, she got a scholarship of Harvard University to study further for her M. Phil. After getting the degree, she left for her village Ball (Dasht).

The next day she held out a gathering of all women of the village and delivered an speech about women and their status and conditions in the different civilizations of the past. When the clerics came to know that Malahar had come back and started her struggle for bringing revolution among the women in the society, they kidnapped her many times. Despite being tortured by clerics, she did not lose hope and continued her struggle of being revolutionary for the women in her society. Nevertheless, she lost her family members in the hands of the clerics but still she went out to many places because of reshaping the lives of the females of the ongoing and the coming generation.

As it is remarked if there is a well, there is a way. When the chief of the area came to know about the pure and sincere intensions of Malahar, then from that day the chief never tried to become a barrier in the way of Malahar for the revolutionary efforts for females. She was famous for her intellectual and revolutionized life. She struggled hard and was granted with the noble prize in the hands of the secretary General of UNO Mr Antonio Gutters for her successful goals that she ever did.

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