By: Kamalan

Translation: Ali Jan Maqsood

Upon the teacher’s commence in the class, he opened the register and began to take attendance.


Present (Labbaik).


Present, teacher.


Yes, Sir.


Yes, teacher (Jee Waja).

The teacher lifted his head up and started looking at Ghulam…

Teacher: Son, have you newly taken admission?

Ghulam: Yes, Sir.

Teacher: Where were you studying before?

Ghulam: The school behind the sand (Rekh).

Teacher: Whose son are you?

Ghulam: Amina’s.

Teacher: What is your father’s name?

Ghulam: Ababagr.

Teacher: What does your father do?

Ghulam: I don’t know.

Teacher: Oh, is he sitting idly at home?

Ghulam: No.

Teacher: Where is your father by the way?

Ghulam: I don’t know.

The teacher then did not ask anything…

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