English Literature has many definitions and has different genres and well known historical background which is directly concerned with the history of Great Britain. Still, in today’s modern era, English Literature has its significance and no one can ignore it.

English is the official language in International Markets, Sports, Politics, and Institutions. Even mainstream media, as well as social media, are totally dependent upon this language. The English language can be properly learned by studying English Literature, so this definitely clears the importance of it.

Countries like Pakistan have a majority of students who choose only a few fields in universities like MBBS, Engineering, or MBA, believing that they can earn a healthy salary, but this doesn’t mean that the Literature field has less importance or this field is not that much earnable than others. English Literature opens the door of vast opportunities and vocational fields which are; Teaching, Educational Administration, Broadcast Media, Print Media, Script Writing for Movies and Dramas, Advertising, Research, Translation, and Freelancing. It is also a highlighted fact that in Pakistan majority of CSS officers also belong to the field of English Literature.

English Literature is an amalgamation of fun learning and professional learning. It teaches about history to modern-day requirements.

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