The book “The Secret” was published in 2006 which is authored by Rondha Bryne. This book simply talks about positivity, which is a reason I found it an interesting read. Besides this, Rondha’s collection teaches us the basic principles of life which never let us down, such as it tells us that it is never late to change your life.

“You cannot go back and change the beginning but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

“The Secret” is the answer to all that has been, to all that is, and that ever be. Simply, it gives you everything you want as a reader; happiness, self-motivation, inspiration, guidance, examples of a perfect life, etc. Jack Canfield, who is a writer, teacher, life-coach and a motivational speaker, says that these all happen when you know how to apply secret, and what the secret is to all these.

In the author’s simple perspective, the secret is “The Law of Attraction”. He says that whatever is running in your mind, you are mentally attracted by that. It is the most powerful law of the universe. Some great personalities like William Shakespeare, Robert Browning, Socrates, Plato and Ralph Valdo and others also believe the same. They say, “It is the only law that can control the whole actions of the universe.”

It simply means when you want to achieve something and you give your complete mental focus on that thing so surely you will get that thing, but it happens by your positive thoughts. We humans are the most powerful magnet of the universe. There are strong magnetic powers in us which we can use by our thoughts. The truth is that your life right now is a reflection of your past thoughts. Because your thoughts are magnetic and have frequency. If you want to achieve something, so always believe that you are the main source.

The law of attraction is always working; in every second, every minute, every day and you are changing your life by your thoughts, though they are negative or positive. So, always attract the good by positive thinking. Law is never wrong but it gives response of your thoughts, no matter what are your thoughts. Thus, always try to think positive, be positive than surely positive things will happen to you.

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