Last night I was feeling so down, I went to terrace to have some fresh air, while sitting on terrace roof and watching the moon instantaneously a question geared up my mind that what is the main thing or reason which doesn’t let us die? Or which is keeping us alive everyday… is it water, food, air or something else ? But pity my mind, these all are the things which are our needs and we are only alive because our needs are fulfilled. What if our needs are not accomplished, will we die? I continuously kept asking myself that there is something which is not letting us die and it’s more than our need it’s not about the food we take or the air we inhale but a thing which makes our mind fresh and heart alive to welcome a new day with a new enthusiasm and then suddenly answer appeared on lips “hope”, it may be the hope which is keeping us alive till now.

A hope of tomorrow, A hope of new beginning, A hope of happiness, A hope of life, A hope of better tomorrow… Yeah it’s the hope which is making us alive.

It’s hope because of which everyone is alive, it’s hope of tomorrow which is not letting us die today. However, hope is the essence of life. It motivates us to live further , it motivates us to have faith that further outcomes will be outstanding. Hope is the greatest happiness, it is the remedy to all sadness and grief. Where there is life there is always a ray of hope.

It’s only because of hope we are alive today and waiting for tomorrow. Without hope life will be dark and we’ll be miserable. Benefits of hope are numerous, just because of hope we have the ability to bear the pain.

No doubt “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness .” nothing is in our hands but all we can do is the hope. It gives you positive attitude and optimistic approach which leads to a bright future.

If we go for the definition of hope so it is a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen. I myself have seen the miracle of hope, waiting is the sign of true hope and if you truly desire something and hope for the that and never let your hope die then the day is not far where you get what you truly hope for. Therefore, never stop believing in hope because miracle happens everyday.

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