Education is one of the fundamental rights of all citizens of Pakistan in accordance with article 25-A of the constitution of Pakistan. It also includes the Baloch society, but we see no real progress of the article in this part of the state. It put me in great sorrows when I met up some children who doomed to wallow in failure to get admission in a school. They carry out a miserable luck when one points out education.

The most disheartening picture of their out-of-school career I saw was when I was on my way to university. A small child was selling rice. It is not the only case here in Turbat, nor in Makkuran neither in Balochistan, but there are hundreds of children who are far away from education due to a corrupt system in which we live.

We are all part of a primitive culture and entirely lack political competency. They are even more backward than us. They neither know about their state and political leaders nor do they know how to be involved in political system. It all happens due to the absence of education.

The children, who are to be sent to schools to get an education, are working to feed the families here. One would ask, where the accountabilities of authoritative bodies are? Why is not the government concerned about the out of school children?

According to a Pakistani report Alif Ailaan and the UNICEF, Balochistan is the hub of out of school children in this country. Are not Baloch students the part of the state? Don’t they have the right of literacy and employment? Or if the state considers Baloch as aliens?

Today, rest of Baloch children are getting ruined and their lives are passing out badly. The time they are to spend in classes, they are spending in selling rice, working in garages, hotels etcetera, using drugs and so forth.

Such things in a state not only prove the weakening realm of the given country but also shows out the destruction of children who are the backbone of the state. These children ought to be sent to schools. If government does not help them, they have no right to come to the public for votes, and we as a society need to take serious steps to send our children to schools. Because all they deserve is an education.

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