Eyes are on younger generations’ journey of writing and learning strategy. The movement of writing is traditional in all organizations by which learners are composing more rather than scanning comprehensive novels. Justification for writers is inexperienced instructors. They formulate the mentality of writers write but never threaten to read. As it is a case whenever a write-up is publicized by a student we admire, but another student reads editions we never appreciate that student. This is the initial factor of being destructive, writers are more but empty-minded writers. They have triviality, reasonable and general scripts for writing. We have multiple fashion writers but no big anthologies which can write in history, neither in any novels because for that we require good imagination power, we do not have that strength of vision. Writers are called temporary writers, they do not have a perspective as a writer.

In a stage, our nation has reached. We are giving rise to writers, but in the way of looking over, we are being demolished. In other words, students are entering student organizations. I do not say students should not join, they should engage, but as teenagers, they should also grasp emotions and feelings. Students are reading novels of BAPAAT Singh and La lion and being flat forward people, can be unhealthy for them.

Putting up with the category of foreign writers and Balochistan’s young writers. As we discuss foreign writers, they survey more than writing. And for writing a script, they read many books but still, they guess, they are not eligible to write on that topic. On the other hand, we have Balochistan’s young writers. Whenever they compose a theme that they have never read, they are extensively confident about writing on it. This sensation should be finished because by this we can be writers but cannot indicate everything well. In history, we had many writers, but just we can expose a few writers because they were readers before. They did not directly initiate with writing.

As per my knowledge, students are being demolished by teachers. We do not have visionary teachers, who can convey us promising guidance. We do not need just teachers, we want good academic teachers who can build our destiny. I suggest my brothers and sisters to read and not write. Writing needs good readers until you are not a good reader. You can not be a writer. Finally, take those books which are suitable for your standard.

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