Sher Shah is a centuries-old locality, located in Kamari Town, Karachi. The residents are facing several problems such as lack of good roads, drinkable water, education, and health for the past many years. People are devastated due to the lack of basic facilities.

Moreover, the main road of the Sher Shah Khabar, which links to Lyari Town, is in dilapidated condition. Every day thousands of heavy and lighted vehicles use this road. There are many potholes. The Traffic jam has become a routine due to poor condition of the road. Also, the sewerage system has been collapsed due to the bad situation of the road. It is most of the time filled with sewage water. The people of the areas have been suffering from different diseases because of the stored water and dust created by broken roads.

Besides this, the largest Khabari Market of South Asia is also located near Kamari Town. The government earns billions of rupees from the Khabari Market. But it has not taken any serious steps to improve the market.

The government should take necessary action to construct the main road of the area along with improving the Khabari market.

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