Today, when I was going to attend my tuition classes, I felt a sudden pain in my spinal cord due to the broken and cursive roads.This dismal situation clearly portrayed the future and present of Panjgur.

Cleanliness, sewerage lines, roads, electricity and telecommunication are some basic needs of any citizen which should be provided by the government and representatives who are elected through democratic process. People of Panjgur are deprived of basic facilities that are required to live a peaceful and prosperous life.

People face several issues while traveling on those roads. Most of the people give up the ghost and many people return home with maimed body parts. Recently, Jam Kamal came for inauguration of Grand development but as usual the tender was handed over to corrupt people and the little effort of construction became a calamity for the people of Panjgur. Many people travel to Panjgur for basic health facilities and due to damaged roads they reach unhealthy and ill.

I request the concerned authorities to look into the matter and solve this problem with optimum measures.

Mahdim Barkat


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