One of the most beautiful aspects of being in Pakistan is tasting authentic and yummy dishes of several cultures.
Among them the tastes of Balochistan is the most unique and different ones.

Balochistan has the most mouth-watering, traditional and cultural food delicacies throughout the country.
Baloch people have been very popular for their hospitableness and warm welcoming feasts with rich and appetizing food dishes. The recipes of Balochi cuisine are greatly aspired by the surrounding regions like Afghanistan, Iran and some Arab countries.

The most traditional food contains less hot and spicy flavours. Animal fats are most commonly used in Balochi dishes which make them deliciously tasty in every sense.

Moreover, the most famous and enticing dish among the whole Balochi cuisine is Sajji. It is the only dish from Balochistan that is famous throughout the whole world. Pieces of lamb are cooked around the fire for hours, so that meat gets crunchy and turns into reddish-brown. The meat is seasoned only with salt. Later served with rice and roti (bread). Sajji was invented by Baloch themselves and its among the most exotic dishes of all time.

Rosh is another matchless Balochi dish which is a mandatory food item to be prepared on occasions. This recipe was first invented by Persia and later adopted by Baloch people. It has become one of widely known dishes among Baloch people. Rosh has a unique and distinct salty taste. The most surprising part about the dish is that most of the meat gets cooked in its own fat and this method of preparing gives it a very delightful taste.

Likewise, butt o Maash is a very homely yet authentic food item in Balochistan.
This is prepared from mixing two or three different kind of pulses. It is served with fried fish and spicy chatni (pickle). During the rainy days, Baloch people mostly cook it as it tastes amazingly yummy.

Shellanch is another delectable Balochi dish which is made from mixing up Khurood – a dry salty yogurt and desi ghee (animal fat). It is eaten with roti (bread) and onion slices. Shellanch has a very luscious kind of taste which makes the locals eat it with joy and fun.

Lahndi or locally in Balochi language ‘Tabahig’ is the most scrumptious dish of Balochistan. Lahndi is dried meat, a common dish prepared by the Baloch during winter days, and especially after Eid-ul-Adha. It is made of lamb, beef or sheep’s meat. Preparing Lahndi is very common and ordinary, but its taste is very unique and extraordinary. Firstly the wool is separated from the lamb or sheep and the hairs on its skin are burnt. The meat is cut into pieces, washed and table salt is applied on it to avoid pungent smelling and its preservation. Lahndi along with its taste has nutritional values and it keeps the body warm during winter.

Maddhar is the most known dessert of Balochistan – particularly of Makran belt – which is prepared from dates and desi ghee. It is eaten with fresh yogurt and milk. The locals prefer it after their meals also. Maddhar with its toothsome taste is matchless.

In short, Baloch people, their hospitableness and their awesome dishes make Baloch Culture the most ethnic and traditional one. No doubt, Balochistan is not only rich in beauty and resources, but also enriched with the essence of varieties in top qualities.

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