The setting sun on every respective evening is memorable. It compels a mother to sit outside of her room and keep an eye on every corner of the boundary only to see the flowers blooming. But there are some more flowers, too; a gifted flower that is unseen and a lost flower that embellishes the soul of a mother, the ever-so humble-mother.

Pleads the mother, “Oh Lord, I have been waiting for years. Return my flower! I beg thee! I am very fatigued to pray and wait anymore! Hope, You answer my prayers and return my flower back to me, soon.” This was the only complaint of that humble mother to God.

Seeing her very hopeful is what makes feelefold hopeless souls render with hopes. Let me tell you the secret if you know not; the aged mother is ever so humble. She complains no more to God. But yet, time after time she prays to God to behold her once and return His gifted flower back to her. Cause, without the flower, her life is worthless.

Passing days and nights ever after, God witnesses the beauty of a land, where sufferings and injustice break out every day, in a heavenly land [Balochistan], which is why God wishes to step in that heavenly place.

God decides to go to that place. At first, He goes to the place where He sees flogging every child with scourges, and every being in pains; all of which made Him astonished that he deemed it cannot be the heavenly place – Balochistan.

Albeit, after passing a hard day there, God leaves out and steps into a strange land where He finds out different children with beautiful clothes, but with no respect, people with good psyches, but with no hospitality, places with beauty, but unnatural.

Once on a blessed day, He entered into that land, the land of memories, hospitality and love. He witnessed a great many thought-provoking questions there soon after eyeing the mothers with hopes, children with torn clothes, but with due respect, people with bad conditions, but with much hospitality, a land with blood and scourges, but yet too beautiful and natural, institutions with no facilities, but yet children showing their love for books, parents with no accommodations but with huge hopes.

Considerably, when God returns back to the heavenly land, He twigs the essence of wait and hope, cause being in the heavenly land evokes long forgotten memories.

It has been an outsized cause being in the land of memories and hope, God fathoms the essence of life and living standards of the aged mothers when He confronts her and asks: “Who have you been waiting for?” She replies in tears, “I have been praying to my Lord almost for more than hundred years to return me the lost flower back; neither He retorts nor He comes into the sight. I wonder to remember the cited words of my late mother as once she told me that God’s affection for His human is much more stronger than the love of seventy-seven mothers…

“But He doesn’t appear.”

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The writer is a student of Law at Faculty of Law, University of Turbat and a part time teacher at DELTA. He writes for different national newspapers. He has also won Agahi Award (Pakistan's biggest Journalism Awards) in the category of Human Rights in 2018. He can be reached at [email protected] and tweets at @MunajGul