A library is a place with multiple collections of books and mere silence. It is known as a gateway to worldly knowledge, new ideas, perspectives and innovative approaches to making a better society. A library plays an essential role in enabling delivery of services to people, and in achieving the goals of creativity and learning. In this growing era, the need of time is to get a better education and make a name for yourself and your nation. Similarly, a good education needs the presence of a library. As every walk of one’s life is based on learning, exploring, analyzing, self-actualization, idealism, scientific knowledge etc. These all sorts of helpful information are fulfilled when we have a library around.

In fact, a library provides books to everyone, offers countless learning and opportunities that can fuel economic, social and cultural development, entertains the readers and continues to render beneficial things. As Lauren Ward quotes: “Libraries always remind me that there are good things in this world.”

It should be emphasized that today’s generation is in dire need of latest information, new ideas, free education and a bright future. Library fulfills all desires of humans in term of knowledge acquisition and creates legends, beautiful human mindsets and ideas. In this case, a library is considered to be a peaceful place with an idealistic environment to improve literacy by learning new sorts of helpful things. It does not matter what everyone’s status is, they can come to free access to books, newspapers, magazines and periodicals that may inform and transform every reader.

However, a library can be of different types; it can be an academic library, a research libray, a community library, a public libray and many more. A library’s fundamental role is to educate everyone and provide books, manuscripts, magazines, educational materials etcetera. It helps to revolutionize a society. In a marginalized society, a functionalized library can be the soul of nation’s lead – safe refuge for oppressed people.

Coming to Balochistan as a whole, the spokesperson of government of Balochistan, Liaquat Shahwani says that the poverty ratio of the province has jumped to 68 per cent, which is very disappointing. There are children in the region who want to study books, but they cannot afford. In such a state, a public library perfectly helps the poor students to get good books to study. Nevertheless, in a library, students can meet different intellectuals and get to learn so many things from them.

Besides this, the central idea of the wealth of a marginalized society is that the seemingly chaotic free education is actually a self regulating mechanism, which automatically tends to give birth to educated people that are desired and needed by the society. Suppose, some books are expensive, definitely everyone cannot afford to buy them, but a library fulfills their choices of tasting multiple and desired books to become prominent members of the given society.

Last but not least, for converting a marginalized society into a beautiful one, it needs beautiful minds and well educated people. Because in any society, people are attracted from ideas, careers and psychological point of views. They take influence from their mates.

As a result, it becomes the ultimate responsibility of librarians and educated members of the society to get other members of the society changed towards a better surrounding. Everyone has to be aware of their wills and marginalization of society that how their society has been colonized and corrupted due to lack of educational institutions and libraries. Especially, they ought to learn of their role to play in the society to bring about positive changes.

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