Universe is full of sites which have endless pulchritude – the places which entertain and amuse people. Shaal (Quetta) is one such a beautiful site located in Balochistan. It is a paradise-like valley with charming locations. The weather of Shaal is bronzy and pleasant.

In Summer, it has a smooth, energizing and affectionate air. People from all across the cities travel to Shaal in this weather to enjoy the very bits of the environment here. In fact, in this season, Shaal’s greenery attracts the tourists with its natural beautification.

The city owns attractive and influential surroundings adding more to its beauty. The morning’s breeze makes the weather slightly cool and calm which welcomes joys, excitements and hopes to achieving any goal one has in life. It renders much courage and enhances our struggle to become more enthusiastic in life.

When Winter arrives, the weather of Shaal turns very cool, but very pleasant and soul-refreshing. In this season, when you walk near the trees, you feel so natural. The sound of air throwing the leaves is so mesmerizing – these very beautiful sounds make you feel the elegance of Shaal and to have a strong love for the city. It increases the love for motherland and passion to do something for the advancement of the city and land.

In later part of Winters, the city also hosts heavy snowfalls which whiten the entire city. No matter from which city you are, you will always fall for Shaal. The best thing as a Baloch is, in such a weather, sit in Bolan hotel, Rasheed hotel, Mir Hotel or Qdoba and enjoy the green tea with the weather.

Above all, people of Shaal are so loveable and hospitable. They possess some great patience and are superb beings. Whenever I get entry in Shaal, I get lost in its unending attachments with my being. I get so much love and respect from the city which ultimately makes me feel home anytime I am here.

Once I sight Shaal, with utmost love, I forget everything else and bring in my mind the heroes of Balochistan who had fought bravely for their superfine land with their swords. They had visions and strategies to cease the external powers in seizing this land. They deserve very rich tributes; among them comes, Nori Naseer Khan, Yousuf Aziz Magsi, Nawab Akbar Bugti, Nawab Babo Nouroz, Mir Mehrab Khan, Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, Abdul Aziz Kurd and so many more who were very prominent.

It is Shaal that gives us perceivance to follow the footsteps of our great leaders by fighting all the difficulties and obstacles very bravely. I have a great and unlimited affection and adoration with Shaal which I feel I still could not express well in my words. Shaal is above everything.

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