Balochistan is the richest province of Pakistan covering the largest portion of the national territory. It is an accusatory important province of country because of the high compressional resources like, oil, gold, copper, coal and natural gas which are being devoured by federal government and no preprice is being provided to Balochistan, instead. From independence until today, the province has been neglected.

Despite knowing the importance of technology and emerging needs of social media, it is upsetting that internet is not available in estimatedly 60% areas of Balochistan.

Recently, the entire country plunged into a scholastic shutdown including Balochistan. Everyone was instructed to be at homes. The students, who were studying in various universities, colleges and schools across the country returned to their homes in Balochistan and were pressurized to take their classes online since there was lockdown. Unfortunately, having known the great shutdown of internet in most areas of the province, students happened to generate hashtags and make protests against online culture. How can a student take online classes without internet? Even in Balochistan, there are several areas where there is no access to mobile network.

Thus, students across the province started protesting against online classes. They protested in front of Balochistan Provincial Assembly and raised their voices against the Higher Education Commission (HEC). They were right on their way because without internet online classes are not possible. As a result, 80 students, males and females, including Mahrang Baloch, a MBBS student and student activist, were harassed, apprehended by police and were put inside lockup that was admittedly deplorable.

Turbat, historical capital of Makran State in past, is the second largest city of Balochistan today, has been longing for internet facility for a long period. Its internet system was reportedly shut-down since February 2017 before census due to security reasons. The city is also known as the intellectual hub of Balochistan but still its residents are deprived of daily updates.

Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan visited Turbat and introduced a great promise of internet recovery but later on he forgot to bring these promises into practical move. Not only Turbat, but Panjgur, Awaran, Dasht, Mand, and many other areas are suffering from internet deduction too.

However, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is an internet source, which is available in several areas in Balochistan but not being used favorably. It is not affordable for everyone because we have already an intensive poverty ratio. Secondly, it does not work fast and satisfactorily. Thirdly, it is only accessable to some cities.

Balochistan has no internet access since 2013. Its internet is deliberately limited, not erroneously happened. Today, the world is using 5G but unfortunate region longs for 2G and 3G data network. If they raise their voice then the captive process will resume from government rather solving this issue.

Provincial government should learn the loss of absence of the internet in 21st century. To create a run of competition among developed and economically matured countries, we have got to own all whatever helps in growing competitive and accompanying. We should have internet to learn from the world. Above all, we need internet to get to our better versions and feel an end to the sense of deprivation.

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