Kamalan Bebagr’s directed Balochi movie “Malaar” sounds to have great fame and appreciations across Balochi film industry. It first appeared on screens in Turbat in last Eid [2020]. After Turbat, it got screened in different parts of Pakistan– the only Balochi movie screened in Punjab, Sindh, after Balochistan.

After a great wait, the movie was released on Youtube on December 20, 2020. The movie began starring Rafiq Gul, the leading actor in the movie, playing as a student-cum-lover-cum-mad. The other characters include the famous actors of the Balochi film industry, Rashid Hassan as Rafiq’s elder brother and Omer Kiyya as a psychiatrist.

“Malaar” reflects student’s life– particularly studying at Quetta. Besides this, Kamalan highlighted how the psychological illness, in the Baloch society, is considered a defect. Due to this, most patients do not visit psychiatrists because they feel embarrassed.

Kamalan has given a real gift to the Balochi film industry. After the movies of Dr. Haneef Sharif, Kamalan is the only director rising in the hearts of Baloch people with his “Malaar”. People believe if there is a fluorescent film director after Dr. Haneef sharif, he is Kamalan Bebagr.

One other problem that Balochi movie directors commonly face is, they lack proper equipments and budget to make worth watching movies. Baloch have always remained a struggling nation in every sphere of life. Kamalan, too, had only one camera. Making a movie on one camera is never easy for any filmmaker. Despite so many hurdles, Kamalan ended up making a beautiful movie for the Baloch people.

After watching “Malaar”, most people have expressed their views as very positive and encouraging. Balochi film industry is blessed with what Kamalan has provided. This is one of the best movies Balochi film industry will produce in coming hundred years. So, I congratulate the movie’s director, screenwriter, cameraman and ediror, Kamalan Bebagr, and his team for this success.

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