Unfortunate to say, gender inequality, till date, exists in the educational institutions of our society which reduces the educational quality by strongly vanishing the interests of many students. It ultimately brings undesired consequences in life goals of students, whereas, an equal treatment among the existing genders can welcome positive outcomes in one or the other way.

With sex-segregation of the labour market, the sex-specific allocation of family responsibilities, the violence against girls and women, it does not sound logical for a nation to step towards prosperity, no matter how well educated they are. Real education is not about getting a degree and enhancing the brutalities, but being capable to understand between the good and evil.

As we live in a male-dominating society, thinking of violence usually begins from men towards women_ even it takes places in every society, whether or not developed or modernized. It automatically throws greater and worrying impacts on educational institutions where women get to have a feeling of insecurity, in either way.

Meanwhile, the present report formulates proposals for a gender sensitive approach to education. The main objective is equality in education among students, teaching staff, research workers and administration. It is, simply, to narrate education as a basic human right.

Another factor in bringing equality in education is achieving the need to be fair with employed women, especially those working in the educational fields, and by encounteracting their existing discrimination. The educational authorities should do all they can to achieve fixed and regular school timetables and provide mothers with support, such as child-oriented timetabling and provisions for child care.

Gender inequality is one of the main issues to create various obstacles in many ways to make a nation set herself behind to get equal opportunities. There should be some strategies developed which would create a fair environment for males and females, de jure and de facto freedom of access to and freedom of choice in education, including initial and further education, vocational training and adult education.

Education should help them to develop their full potentials, to preserve their personal integrity, to aim at economic independence and to participate fully in society by accessing to all their fundamental rights of life. Girls and boys should be presented with positive role models of women of the past and present as a valid educational concept for removing stereotypes. Women as principals and decision-makers within a gender-balanced educational workforce can also be considered important.

Equality has a great role in education because there must be balanced opportunities for both genders as compare to any unethical violation. Hence, everyone should be seen equal in order to make to have their choice of prosperity. That is how we can prosper as a nation, or else, it is a daydream to get to advancement.

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