Howdy, music!! What is your recipe? I wanna cook you and want to break my fast every morning with you. What makes you so delicious? Is that words or tunes? I never liked to cook before but then you (music) descended in my soul. Withal I own you unconditionally. I want to be a cook of you. A chef who knows all recipes of music. I yen for all that music made by recipe of Bilawal, Bhairav, and Bhairavi at my breakfast. And not enough. At my lunch, I want to enjoy all that music cooked with the help of khamanch and Thodi. In the foggy evening, I want Kalyan and Kaafi with the tea.

In the liquid lyric poem of kaafi, I yearn for Bagaisheri and Sindhira ragas. And bhopali with its own characteristics. That is unignorable. And at the end of the day, I will be ambitious to chop up melodic voices innovated in Asavari, poorvi and Marwa.

Hey Zemal (music), I deem you as a pill: a pill that takes away my stresses. A pill that makes me happy when I’m depressed. A pill that fills someone’s nonbeing. A pill that scrutinizes me. In this moment, I am yours, you are mine. In your company, I feel perfect. I consider myself Mr. Perfectionist. I feel cloudburst without cloud. I feel cold drizzle on my face. When you hold my hand, I don’t care about any airt, any direction. Wherever you go I am there. The way you choose, you extract me with you. You create a third world for me.

Whee! Music is my soulmate. Whenever I feel lonely, I take shelter under the shadow of music. There I talk freely to music and music to me. Sometimes we tease each other. Sometimes I push music and other times music pushes me in someone’s remembrances. In this day and age, I feel that there is pantomime of music in every being of the universe. I listen to music in birds chirping, in rustling and psithurism of leaves and in howl, sigh, sough of wind though in honk of car’s horn.

Music speaks where there is no words to express one’s feelings and emotions. Sometimes lyrics are tongue tied without music. Music puts soul in the lyrics. This is music which expands the lyrics and gives it a true meaning. Music exists without lyrics but lyrics are just words without music. Whereas this is reckoned that lyrics are discretionary part of music. People mostly remember the music, the rhythm of the song but rarely the lyrics of the song.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” (Plato)

Thus, I have all my sympathy, empathy and love with music. May music lasts forever and ever.

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