Everything in the universe revolves around the time. Nothing more nothing less. Similarly, this is the exact phase when certain people fall in love with books and books only. Nothing more nothing less.

This time, I have fallen in love with another super-duper elegant book, “Attitude Is Everything” written by Jeff Keller.

He used to be a lawyer but could not seek comfort in his profession then sparkled his attitude and shaped the path becoming a motivational speaker and author.

The book comprises 12 lessons separated into three parts. And each part unfolds the glory of his theory of “Attitude is everything”.

The writer narrates what you think, speak and proceed to action discloses your success. Everything interlinks with your attitude and you are solely responsible for that. Initially, your attitude is pure and positive like a child who sees everything with positive perspective but then grows up and welcomes negative waves of life.

The very first part of the book externalizes that “Success begins in the Mind”. Allegorically, our attitude is our mental filter. Some people crave it as the filter of Optimism (the glass being half full) while others see it as the filter of Pessimism (the glass being half empty).

He further augments the idea by saying, “Your attitude is your window to the world”. To keep this window clean, think positive and always look for the brighter side, opportunities, possibilities eventually capabilities. It will lead to the another level of panorama.

Secondly, “Picture your way to Success”. If you want to be successful, assume yourself as success, CEO of a company, director of an institution, an independent expert etc. Retain the things into normalization as to how you confidently speak and lead your team. This picture would unleash the hidden potential of self-esteem.

Thirdly, make a commitment to yourself that nothing can stop you, your mind does not get tired, your goals would stand as mountains, and your heart thrives for more struggle to an emancipated career and an humble gesture.

Lights…. Camera…. and Action
Words play a significant role in characteristically organizing what you think and perceive. The words shape your utmost efforts and come to ameliorate the visualization far in the deep mind. It triggers up the brain to know, even the question “How are you?” can entirely calculate the volatility within you.

The proposition makes one acknowledged that we must put an end to complaining to ourselves. Furthermore, we should nurture our souls and the sub-conscious mind. Apart from it, miscellaneous paths persuade tenderness, not only physically but mentally.

We are always there to confront the fears which are roughly in insensibilities strengthening the weaknesses beyond our namely ratification. The mind requires to be improvised for any kind of challenges and consequences thus for a quick counter-action.

What it actually demands is a glimpse of attitude and a fine execution of strategy.
I exceedingly recommend this book to all teenagers and bibliophiles to give it a try and blow off the steam.

The writer is a Karachi based columnist. He has a keen interest in writing on socio-political issues and a major area of human rights and ethics.

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