To my dearest friend; no, rather rudest friend,

I don’t hold hopes these days but I believe you are fine and living each event blessfully. Since you no more find me around you.

Nevertheless, there is no more me to irritate you; to tease you; and to make you angry on the craziest and rubbish jokes, although deemed unplayful.

You know, I am yet lacking aptitude to believe that I own endless impendiments in life that always create exacerbating circumstance apparently inimical. These all are happening after the day you left being a half part of my broken soul.

Dear angry love,

I now don’t find you in a physical shape near me, but you are all present in me, in my dreams, in my gladness and in all the heartbreaking situations I encounter painfully.

I can never neglect each event of our togetherness. Though you are lost, but you are always a real truth of my existence.

I remember every dashing event when I got surrounded by your rememberance.
I remember how you came like an angel in my life. You took me out from the darkest wall to have light in the globe, but today I am caged in the fire as you are not with me. You know what, I find no one to get me out of this all hell.

Life is as if ended here for my soul. I feel deaf now a days to hear the singing of birds as we heard always, altogether. It was rather our daily routine to share secrets, talk to moon, count the stars and many more.

All these_ we planned_ were to do on Friday nights as we considered it the most blessful day of the week. But the same Friday took you far from my joyful existsnce. The same Friday stole my dreams, desires and encircled me with tears around.

Everything looks boring and an enlightening demotivation for me without you.

Where are you hidden?
Why have you owned solitude?
Can’t you speak now or just
Made yourself deaf to hear my vociferations?
Don’t you know a single unmentioned bye of yours is snatched the smile of my lips and spark of my eyes?

Lastly, please listen to me. Get back for I am all alone without you and your friendship. I need you for all a reason. Come back, for your best friend seems like a dead soul without you.

From your friend old friend on earth.

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