In the modern era, thalassmia has been leaving worrisome for the patients and the families_ both in times of treatment and aftermath. Thalassmia has some types which are considered very dangerous for the human beings.

It is one of the major issues worldwide indeed. According to a report, 3% of the children are affected with this fatal disease.

There are a great number of thalassmia patients registered in the federation of Pakistan. Whereas, the actual figure of the overall thalassmia patients is not known accurately. Because, a great many citizens do not have the facilities to get registered since they belong to villages.

Sadly, our government has yet not succeeded to overcome this issue. It is because enough facilities are not provided in every corner of the state. For at least getting this fatal disease stopped from spreading, Pakistan needs to implement concerned steps.

Howbeit, Pakistan Bait-ul-mal is providing some support to the thalassmia effected patients, but majority of the patients remain unadressed. Most of the parents get helpless to treat their beloved ones and the main noncompliance is the cost of treatment which is behind the reach of a comman man.

I feel dejected noting that some cities in Pakistan where we may get some private blood banks to provide blood to the needy thalassemia patients, but due to high costs majority of people are getting away. As belonging to Turbat city in southern Balochistan, I feel sad to unveil that recently 286 thalassmia patients are registered in the District Head Quarter whereas many more have remained hapless and quit their struggle for the survival of their loved children.

Hence, the provincial government needs to do something for the patients in the Turbat city. Besides this, we need some other country wide campaigns to highlight how to protect our children from the fatal thalassmia.

As, most of the thalassemia patients are poor who hardly survive to have two times of food, how come they manage to buy blood for their helpless children?

To add further, in Dasht_ a village somewhat 30 kilometers away from Turbat_ a mother got her three children effected with thalassemia. Unfortunately, there is not any centre of blood transfusion near her other than in Turbat. The mentioned woman moves to Turbat thrice a month to provide blood to her children. Despite she hardly survives to get food, she is compelled to spend the money of a week on her three visits to Turbat.

Thus, I want the federal and provincial governments to create some appropriate centres in each Tehsil of the country where a comman person could get treated. We need to resolve health issues more than anything else.

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