With our birth, we open our eyes into the light of this world. Knowing of nothing, we choose crying. It is like utterly a blank page with nothing written on. And then we gradually grow. In our early days, we remain confused of what and how things are, but nature helps.

We grow, get bigger, crawl, stand and gradually learn to walk. We fall but we stay focused. We dust ourselves off and try walking again until we are good at it. Then we start to run. We look around, nothing makes sense, yet every color gives us pleasure, every smile makes us laugh and every scorn makes us cry. We know nothing, yet we know how to respond.

We weep or cry demanding for something we deep-heartedly want to be ours. We seek for attention, show our best versions towards the ones who adore us. We know nothing, yet we sense how to play the game. We make friends, play games, share our toys, share happiness. We fight, break up and befriend again. We are innocent, unknown of how the world works.

Simultenously, we get admitted to school. The burdens, school works: things look alien, yet we try to play our part. We attempt to learn A B C D and sing rhymes. Though nothing makes sense, we still learn, memorize what gets assigned.

Education, we know not what that means still we go to school, read, because that is what the world seems to be doing. We get promoted after passing every successive annual exams. Science, social studies, islamiat, mathematics start to somehow make sense. We are getting education, we feel.

We get older. More responsibilities, more to study, more to be careful about. Life gets busier. Television, assignments, social media, friends, family, mobile phones, limitations etc get imposed on us. We reach to a phase where we feel lost, stuck! Get confused between expectations and reality.

Love or walk away? Care or ignore? Believe or leave? Everything starts puzzling in our head. We know we are somewhere, but where? We lose our track. We try taking different routes, we stumble, get trapped, feel exhausted, find no way out. Though befuddled, we still keep trying. Here and there we go with our dizzy heads. No one seems to understand. We find ourselves lost.

Then, out of a miracle or something we learn, we take a step ahead and feel one level cleared. Then we get to realize, and can relate our lives to video games.


Knowing that we have stepped in the game of life, gradually, we start understanding its rules. People name this GROWTH.

We get wiser with every coming experience. We remotely can make our own choices. We begin to ascertain what is good and what is not for us. We scent our priorities.

Progressively, we begin to understand ourselves and the world better. We, to an extent, get to comprehend the good and bad, the right and wrong. Discovering that, experiences and mistakes in our way make us learn what the greatest teachers and philosophers fail to make us understand. We begin accepting and loving ourselves.

When we reach to a certain point in life, we get ready to make a difference. A difference in ourselves that can help us do better to ourselves and others. We find a purpose to serve. A purpose that not the world needs to know but see. That is the point we meet our spiritual being and make acquaintance with who we are.

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