Nature is so gorgeous which we are blessed from the almighty Allah with tremendous species that make the earth beautiful. Environmental pollution is one of the major problems of the earth which is defined as the conversion of natural resources into the destruction of nature and its free living species.

We, living organisms vastly concerned with the problems of earth, are the reasons of the climate change, global warming and environmental pollution that all occur due to the human activities.

There are a lot of causes of environmental pollution which are coming from industries, transportation, agricultural activities and so on. The industries have been polluting our environment, on the other side, they are increasing the use of fossil fuels and release of carbon dioxide.

Industries are mainly causing air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution. Contamination can also occur due to industries. It is believed that we are facing numerous diseases on a daily basis which cannot let us live prosperous lives. Cutting beautiful trees is mostly affecting nature because they are the supporters of us which take dirty air (carbon dioxide) and gives good air (oxygen) to live in a better life. When trees are cut then nobody is there to clean the dirty air as plants breathe in carbon dioxide and do provide us oxygen.

*Diseases caused by environmental pollution:*

We are facing many diseases from environmental pollution including water, air, and soil pollution. The smoke comes from industries and vehicles that pollute the air which causes lung cancer, breathing problems and etc. owing to these, multiple viruses and bacterias start growing to infect the living organisms with the earth. We must take care of natural resources that are benefiting individuals to develop day in and day out. We must not cut plants as they are protecting us in a better way and giving us healthy fruits.

*How to control environmental pollution?*

We have to control our environment by chasing three good solutions; reuse, reduce, and recycle. These are the three small terms to prevent pollution and save the environment throughout. It means to try to re-use things. To use things again with cleanliness like a bottle, plastic, boxes that keep them clean.

We should reduce waste such as when the main light is on then we must not switch on extra lights. On the other hand, we are using matches which are made by cutting plants. We have to use lighters instead of cutting trees. As it is true that recycle is a good term to be followed which means using old things and make something unique and better by recycling them.

The only thing to be mentioned is to be clean and make the environment clean in order to save natural resources. So, as being human beings we need to concentrate on these all issues which are the parts of devastation.

The writer is a student of Department of Chemistry. He can be reached at [email protected]

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