No guts no glory, no pain no gain, these are real mottes of life and happiness but what is life and happiness itself?

Everyone has their own thoughts and opinions about life and happiness. If you ask a poor for him happiness is just making his children happy and a wish of earning some more money to fulfill the needs. And if you ask a rich for him happiness is finding peace in this busy world, for a child happiness is getting some new toys , new friends and some more chocolates. For a jobless happiness is getting a job, for a mother happiness is seeing smile on the lips of her children, for a joker happiness is making the audience laugh but happiness is never found in things or people, happiness is something which is felt insides. Rumi said “ when you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. Everything in universe is within you. We can find happiness in small things, we can find happiness inside us by satisfying our soul.

Then what is life ? Is the life name of searching happiness or finding peace? Biological definition of life is to live  and have children and pass your genes to your upcoming generation. This seems quite cheap, for me life has no meaning, we are given this life to create a meaning.

For me Life is like a song…sometimes we sing it, sometimes we listen it, sometimes even we forget the lines, sometimes we recall the lyrics, sometimes it is joyful and sometimes it is sad, but at last with many ups and downs the song finishes and so as the life. But the only difference is that we can play the song as many time as we want but life is only played one time and when it finishes no one knows where the life is gone.

Life is beautiful but not always, life is sad but not always. One thing is fixed for life that life never exists only in one form. Sometimes it is joyful and sometimes it is sad. Sometimes it is beautiful and even sometimes it shows its ugly faces. Sometimes life makes strangers our best friends and sometimes takes our closest to the death. Life is cruel, life is merciful. Life is full of paths simply life is amazing, but yet people couldn’t give a proper definition to four-letter-word called “life”.

Moreover, everyone is dreaming to live life like others, no one is happy with their own life because of this we all are suffering. We are suffering from anxiety and Inferiority complex.

The meaning of Life and happiness are very hard to find so you should choose your definition and make it the way you want because life is full of ups and downs, start enjoying your every moment of life instead of sitting alone and listening to sad songs and making yourself sad for no reason, this is the most common thing that most of teenagers do today when they get small sadness.

To sum up, try to live your own life and don’t search happiness in things and in the place you lost, as Ralph Marston said, “happiness is a choice, not a result . Nothing will make you happy until you choose to be happy. No person will make you happy unless you decide to be happy . Your happiness  will not come to you.” And you live this life just once, try to create your own meaning of life because when you die tomorrow, you will surely leave what you created yesterday.

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