My decision to joining DELTA, The Change Agent, made me realize a person without accomplishing words is proportionated to a rose plant without glamorous roses.

I was soo amazed and stunned of how come I write? How would I come to be appriciated for my writing? In fact, I could see none to helping me out in my journey to writing.

Ignorance was way to common to demotivate me inside out, but for the ones who consider it a demotivation: I consider it my strength. For, I too had a dream of seeing my name in newspapers someday.

I kept writing and writing. Simultaneously, I practiced my writing for three years, but I could not see any positive results coming my way.

At a sudden point, I got disappointed. I was celebrating my failure with tears. I was clearly finding my dream remaining only a dream to be a writer in rest of my life.

Soon after, I felt all alone inside my dream. I felt like hiding to myself. I felt the complete world was giving up on me. I was locked in a room of my unfulfilled dream with darkness all around. I did not want anyone to enter in my life for dimming the already dim light of my dream.

Gradually, I started to feel hatred growing inside me for the ones who did not support me when I really needed them the most. Despite knowing my all weaknesses and shortcomings, they did not help me get out of them but ignored me.

At a desperete point, life offered me two options; giving up or proving the non-believers wrong. I chose the second one to prove my potentials are of great importance.

The very next day, I heared many teachers giving the example of my failure in classes. Their words were hurtful. They cited, “Some students start crying after facing little failure. They even have nightmares.” and so on.

I felt furious at how I was being demotivated, but fortunately, I had learnt to make that my strength. Time and circumstances taught me many things in life thereafter.

Tears never come out forcefully, but they are the feelings one carries inside. When we cannot do anything, crying remains the only way to relaxing the self. But, for those who understand. I never expected my dearests demotivating me so much. But, I was hurt and demotivated the most by my most closest ones.

Luckily, the appearance of an angel proved my dream was not to remain only a dream, but a reality to appear. She helped me in many ways in my writing. I do not feel I am wrong calling her a ‘faristha’ sent by God to help me out in my worst times.

And finally, the day arrived when I saw my first write-up getting placed in a newspaper. I still feel way too emotional after daydreaming and thinking about my first published piece.

I could not believe my dream was all in front of me. It did turn into reality. That moment was just so amazing for me. I am never going to forget that feeling.

The love of my beloveds, congratulations after congratulations and cards of my first success are still determinated and fixed on my cupboard. I see them everyday so that I realize how I have suffered and struggled the most for my dream to come into a reality.

So, if I could come to get success despite getting so many obstacles and tough challenges to encounter, why can’t you? If you are a writer and have failed to convince the editors to notice you by now, I feel you are the tomorrow of an extremely successful writer, but only if you struggle honestly for what you want to achieve. It does not take a sleep to turn your dreams into reality, but sincere efforts and hard-work.

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