Titli was a student in class fourth who was very intelligent. But she was afraid to show her potentials to the world. She wanted to come up and show herself, but she could not see anyone giving her little hope to drop her to the highest peak of success.

In class, no one talked to her well as she was a silent student. She never spoke a single word in class unless someone asked her. Everyone thought that she was a dull and arrogant student. So, no one accompanied her.

One day, in her class a new student came namely Zara. She had studied in Karachi earlier but her family migrated from Karachi because her father was posted in the Turbat city. When principal brought her in class, all desks were full, but only Titli’s desk had an empty seat. The principal guided her to sit with Titli. She happily went and sat there.

“Hello, how are you?” Zara greeted Titli with a charming smile.

“Hello, I am good.” Titli replied stammeringly.

After the class, Zara asked Titli to show her the school. They both went and continued their conversation.

“Zara, in class no one likes me because I hesitate in participating in class activities.” Titli explained after getting little bit closed with Zara.

“Why so and don’t you participate in programs?” Zara asked.

“I never. Because I myself feel hesitation and my teachers and friends never helped me out for it.” She said sadly.

“Cheers my friend. This time let’s participate together in the program.” Zara said with a warm smile.

“No, I can’t. I feel fear.”

Zara elaborated to her how she was same as Titli was at the moment. “You know Titli, I was same as you. I always feared to show my potentials to the world unless there appeared someone, I called my elder brother, in my life”, Zara’s eyes sparkled with a smile on her face. “He accompanied me forward my destination. He used to say that nothing is impossible unless we think it is. And he always guided everyone that stage had energy inside it; when we go there, the energy gets transfered to us. Let’s prove my brother’s words.”

Zara’s words inspired Titli after which she got ready to participate in the coming annual program of the school. She burnt midnight oil to get thoroughly ready and got selected in speech competition.

Zara was selected in anchoring. She practiced daily and also helped Titli in her preparations.

When the day of program came, Titli was feeling so nervous, but she had kept Zara’s brother’s words in her mind.

“Stage has energy in it which gets transfered to the one who is on the stage.”

She just awaited to welcome the energy in her.

When Zara announced Titli’s name for the speech, her heart beat very loudly. With great fear inside she went on the stage. She felt something was growing inside her.

Yes! It was the energy she was waiting to get. She felt the energy of stage was transferred into her. With much confidence she started her speech. It was not less than a dreamy speech one would ever prefer to listen time and again. It was Titli who grew up like a shining star on the stage. It was Zara’s belief on her brother’s words.

Finally, it was Titli who rocked in the program which no one expected. She took the award and hugged Zara for being there for her. Zara congratulated her and saw up above the sky. Tears came in her eyes and she said:

“Lala, thy little angel is accomplishing what thou asked her for.”

They both cheerfully celebrated Titli’s first academic success. Later on, she kept achieving more and more rewards of her efforts from that day onwards.

With this story, I mean to convey my message to those young kids, who possess the fear of going on the stage. A stage is a very kind platform which provides energy instead, but never snatches it. It always welcomes us to show what inhabits in us. So, never feel fear to participate in any program you are asked to participate in. Put your full and sincere efforts to be the sparkling stars of those ceremonies. Stage awaits you.

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