“I’m still using a skill you taught me.”

After receiving this caption by a student, I got this motivation to write about my experience as a visiting lecturer at Faculty of Law University of Turbat. I have learned and experienced many new things in such a short period of time that are everlasting.

I felt at abode here where I have got a lot of new students from different backgrounds. However, I used to try and imagined what my first semester was going to be like based on what I had heard people talk about in the past. After teaching the first semester at Faculty of Law University of Turbat I realized that I could not fully understand what University was like until I experienced it by myself. It was so rutted and calloused my energy_ be it the mental status or physical.

Furthermore, teaching is based on style, basic behaviour and interaction with the students and the communication skills. The main thing is the teacher’s previous workplace for their better evaluation. As C.S. Lewis asserts that “the task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.”

Moreover, the teacher’s role goes beyond the classroom and it was the most amazing experience in my whole life ever. Spending so much time with meeting one on one with students guiding them in their educational and empirical life, I got the art of tolerance enhancing in me. While communicating with students I experienced the most and single skill is patience which can easily make you closer with one another.

On the other hand, the most surprising experience was the co-curricular activities. Such as; participating in a committee to improve the University climate and physical environment, getting into singing in a choir, writing, painting, ceramics and exhibiting the resulting creations and the last but not the least picnic. As a result, I believe life itself is a picnic: if you do not trust me, give it a try.

To conclude, I would love to say that
teamwork, risk taking, constant Learning, communication and mentoring built my cognitive skills and brought a huge change in my life. Therefore, I consider this chapter of my life as one of the most productive chapters for teaching me many things.

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