In the different stages of life you will be blessed with different opportunities to work on your dreams and to do what you really wanted to be.

I always wanted to be a writer whose wish was to write everything she wanted.

Because I believe writing is the only thing where your words speak without saying anything. Writing is the best power to express your emotions and feelings.

As being a big lover of writing, I tried to search so many things that can help me to give more beauty to my work. So I started watching news, reading social study books, tried to find more information about world affairs, watched many TV realty shows, mostly I used to watch social movies, and real life based movies. At many times I thought these are enough to achieve anything which I wanted by writing and to develop my writing skills.

On side everything is OK. Okay I have information, okay I can use them on a correct way. But on other side nothing works for me. Unfortunately, I only imagine to write on reality, but I never go for writing, because I feel as if I am just an imaginary writer.

A person who only thinks about things but never give them visible views. A person who only imagines to achieve success from her/his writings, but has never written anything. Life goes on but I am still sitting at the place where I started thinking about these. My dream which brings happiness on my face just thinking to be a writer is just a dream.

Now when I realize that I am wasting my time on the things which even don’t exist. Sometimes I feel like as if my ideas are being ruined by not giving them a visible shape.

Actually, Life is not an imaginary world to imagine rather a reality to experience. Experience the beauty of what you make it. “Nothing works until you do.”

Sometimes I motivate myself just by watching motivational videos but they don’t work, they don’t support me as much as I needed. That is just a temporary energy which takes me into the reality. But after some minutes I become the same old imaginary person.

It’s so sad when people get so many opportunities but they miss them because of common excuses. And only few lucky people take every advantage of the opportunities. I feel I put it myself at the place where it is hard to come again. But it will be my biggest failure if I don’t try to overcame from that imaginary world and calling myself an imaginary writer.

It took many years to understand that I am not doing anything for myself just living in wrong place ( an imaginary place). You never lose until you give up.

Whenever you want something good then go for it. Only you can make your life better. Work on the things that make your career good, make your life easy and most importantly give yourself a Life that you want to live.

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