Every year 25th of April is celebrated as world Malaria Day. On this day entire world showcases efforts to raise Awareness to control and eliminate malaria by conducting seminars and awareness programs.
However, Malaria is caused by a parasite that is transmitted people through the bites of infected mosquitoes.
Since 2000, the world has made remarkable progress in reducing the total number of malaria cases and deaths due to moral and financial  support by World Health Organization(WHO).
Moreover,  children under 5 years and women with pregnancy are vulnerable and at high risk to be effected by malaria, according to the reports “After every two minutes a child dies of this virus and each year more than 200 million new cases of malaria reported.
Lastly, it is the fact that malaria is a deadly, but preventive and treatable if infected country is rich by Healthcare equipments. Therefore, country should allocate large budget on healthcare, not only for endemic malaria but also for globe pandemics like Corona virus.
Sameer umrani
Malir karach

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